Hard at work for a brighter energy future.

It’s no secret that sustainable energy is one of the most talked-about movements, not only globally but here at home as well. Together, with our community at the forefront of our innovation, we’re striving to achieve some ambitious goals. And we’re doing it all while we support the economic growth of our community.

We’re committed to creating a cleaner, sustainable Pikes Peak region through industry-leading reliability and resiliency.

One of the most notable steps is the retirement of the downtown coal-fired Martin Drake Power Plant by 2023. We’re committed to cut our carbon footprint 80% by 2030 and 90% by 2050. But it doesn’t end there. We’re sticking with the same competitive rates while we increase energy efficiency—from businesses large and small down to your own home. And as we continue to integrate new technologies and update our grid, we’ll work alongside you to create energy resources that serve us in impactful ways.

We’re witnessing our vision come to life.

Utility-scale solar and storage projects will help us grow our carbon-free energy resources, making carbon-free energy more than 55% of our portfolio by 2030. Increasing renewable energy and advanced storage resources, along with retiring all coal generation, will help us reach this milestone.

Sustainable energy on this scale takes a plan, and it’s one we’ve worked tirelessly to create and implement. We’re taking steps to ensure we thrive well into the future and help preserve Colorado Springs for generations to come.