“We’re part of the ecosystem and engine that keeps Colorado Springs going.”

Talking to our pipefitter Mike, you get a true sense of what it means to live and work here. In our community, people come together to accomplish great things.

Mike and his team don’t look at their work as just a job. They enjoy their day-to-day responsibilities, which might mean holding the cool end of a 500-degree iron, crawling inside a hole in the street in the middle of a freezing night or carefully restoring a landscape or street after completing a job.

Currently, his team is installing excessive flow valves on natural gas lines. It’s an important advancement in gas line technology. In times of emergency, the valve acts as a shutoff, immediately restricting the flow of gas into a house or building.

For Mike, this work is just one example of our commitment to safety—for those on the job and for all of us who live here. He and his team look at each job individually, allowing time for discussion and problem solving when presented with a difficult or unforeseen challenge.

Teamwork is just part of what attracted Mike to the job many years ago, after finishing military service and working on a construction crew. We care about people making it home to their families, which requires taking every safety measure. Supervisors and managers consistently reinforce that the safety of our community and employees is our top priority.

“It gives me a great sense of pride to wear Colorado Springs Utilities on my shirt,” says Mike. “I know that I help people every day, like keeping their homes warm on a cold night.”

Driving around the city, Mike sees the work he’s done, and feels a great sense of accomplishment. He also knows, through his work with apprentices, that he’s passing on valuable knowledge and skills to a new generation. Every day, he’s doing his part to change the current. His work will be part of this community for years to come.