“I meet with people every day and explain why my job keeps them safe.”

When Chelsa joined us in 2016, it was for a temporary role, which she sincerely hoped would become a long-term job. Well, it did! She’s also making a long-term impact on water quality in our community.

“I want to make sure I’m creating a trusted, safe environment for my kids and friends,” says Chelsa. “I’m part of an organization that embraces that mentality.”

That’s what backflow is all about. Making sure the water that goes into buildings, and gets used there, doesn’t go back into our water supply. This includes working with property owners who participate in routine inspections and make necessary improvements when needed.

As a city with a community-owned utility, we all should do our part to keep our water safe. This shared goal is part of the message that Chelsa delivers when she’s on the phone or out in the field with customers, or even in casual conversation with neighbors and fellow parents.

“I help run a regulatory program to keep our water distribution system safe. Still, in my role, people often don’t understand what we’re doing,” says Chelsa. “That’s why I focus so much on education. I’m there to work with property owners from start to finish.”

It’s true. While preventing backflow is unseen and unknown, it’s certainly not underappreciated. Chelsa and her team, along with members of several other departments, recently received citywide recognition for their hard work.

As for Chelsa, she’d be here with or without the honors. And that goes for all of us. We’re working to ensure you never have to worry about the safety of your water or your lights turning on. We can all change the current by keeping our community safe.